General Insurance

General insurance provides protection against the financial impact in the event of losses that might arise as a result of damage to properties caused by perils like Fire, Storm, Floods, Earth-quake, Impact by vehicles / aircraft and other associated perils, motor vehicles accidents, accidents to Yachts and travel mishaps among many other. There are General Insurance policies which offers indemnity in respect of loss as a result of legal awards for damages, costs and expenses against an Insured.

This class of Insurance provides a very wide range of insurance products from which a discerning client can choose the insurances he needs.

With over forty years of experience in this field, Alliance Insurance offers such covers and it’s highly experienced & well trained employees can provide the client with details of these insurances which will assist the Clients to choose the insurance covers which are best suited to their needs. Insurance covers are often tailored to suit the requirements of our clients.

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Alliance Insurance is subject to Federal Law No. (9) of 1984. The UAE Government closely regulates insurance companies to ensure they are financially sound and operate to the highest professional standards.