Child Protection Plan

childprotectionWe all want to look out for our children and see them succeed in life. Providing your child with a quality education is one of the best ways you can help them, but it can be a very expensive undertaking.

Alliance’s Child Protection plan helps forward-thinking parents meet the costs of educating their child. The plan has a built-in life assurance provision and allows you to save over a set period, without having to make constant personal sacrifices, so it’s especially suitable for parents on a limited income.

The Child Protection Plan is specifically designed to help you plan for your child’s future education needs. By setting aside a modest portion of your income now, you can accrue the funds needed for your child to begin their future education. Additionally, the plan has a built in life assurance feature, protecting both you and your child.

If death occurs while your plan is still in force, the following benefits are payable:

  • A monthly income of 1% of the sum assured will be paid to your child, up to the end of the policy term.
  • The sum assured, together with accumulated bonuses, will be paid to your child once the policy matures.
  • Premium payments stop at the point of death and no further premium payments are required.
  • If the child dies during the Term of the Policy, the Sum Assured is paid as follows:
Age at Death
% of sum Assured
1 year 20% plus bonuses
2 years 40% plus bonuses
3 years 60% plus bonuses
4 years 80% plus bonuses
5 years 100% plus bonuses

On survival of both the parent and the child at maturity, the full sum assured plus bonuses are paid.

Minimum age at entry is one year old
Maximum age at entry is 65 years old
Maximum coverage age is 75 years old

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