Endowment Assurance Platinum Plan

ENDOWMENT ASSURANCE PLAN is a unique personal protection, savings and investment plan. It doubles as a savings or investment plan while offering guaranteed life insurance coverage throughout the period of the plan.

Add various other optional benefits to the plan thereby getting protection for a number of probable risks the policyholder may encounter during the policy term.

Maturity value plus terminal bonuses can be used for a specific purpose such as higher education of your children, child’s marriage, retirement or the special holiday you were longing to take. Overall this plan can help you achieve your goals and TURN YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY.

So whether it is for an emergency fund, for the charity to the trust, to pay off your mortgage, for the world-trip with your spouse or for any other need, you may take full advantage of saving with our ENDOWMENT ASSURANCE PLATINUM PLAN.

Premium Currency

US Dollars (USD)
UAE Dirhams (AED)


Minimum age at entry is five years old
Maximum age at entry is 65 years old
Maximum maturity age is 80 years old

Policy Term

Any term between 5 years to 30 years

Policy Payment Term

Single Pay, 3 years pay, 5 years pay, Full Term Pay

Premium Payment Mode

Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly & Annual

Guaranteed Survival Benefit

100% of Sum Assured + Accrued Terminal Bonus at the end of Policy Term

Death Benefit  

Sum Assured + Terminal Bonuses

Additional (Optional) Benefits

  • Critical Illness 40
  • Permanent/ Partial Total Disability
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Triple Accident Benefit
  • Waiver of Premium Benefit
  • Passive War Benefit
  • Family Income Benefit

Premium Interruption  

  • Grace period of 30 days
  • Policy Revival period of 2 years
  • Automatic Premium Loan
  • Paid up option
  • Surrender option
  • Extended Term Cover

For Critical Illness Cover

  • Maximum entry age is 65 years
  • Maximum coverage age is 70 years
  • Up to 50% of basic Sum Assured can be availed

Endowment Plan has been specifically designed to provide you with highest cash value when it is most needed. This plan ensure to pay a level of Sum Assured and bonuses to the beneficiary in case of untimely dismissal of Policy Holder during the policy term and, additionally, pays the same benefits if the insured survives the policy term.

This simple but efficient plan from ALLIANCE INSURANCE offers the customer the avenue to save their money, in USD or AED, over a pre-determined period of time allowing it to accumulate and grow. In case of untimely death of the policyholder the beneficiary is assured to receive of the life insurance amount along with accrued terminal bonuses.

The guaranteed sum assured amount offers the security for your savings while the annual terminal bonus, declared every year, offers decent returns for the amount saved. These bonuses, which are declared annually, are accrued and paid along with the final maturity.


  • Choose the Basic Sum Assured based on your needs
  • Choose the Policy Term as per your requirements
  • Choose the premium payment terms as per your convenience
  • Your premium will be calculated based on the Age, Basic Sum Assured, Policy Term and Payment Period. (underwriting requirements if any)
  • Complete the documentation along with the other prerequisites
  • Pay your premiums regularly/regularly
  • Enjoy maturity Amounts at specified regular intervals + Bonus along with final maturity
  • Stay protected throughout the policy term

This unique feature enables customers to choose shorter Premium Payment Term based on their convenience irrespective of the Policy Benefit Term.

Other than the regular premium, the customer can choose to pay the premiums in one of the three shorter periods mentioned below:-

  1. Single premium –One lump sum payment
  2. Three years premium payment – You can pay the premiums in just three years
  3. Five years premium payment – The premiums can be paid over a five year period.

On an aggregate, the customer pays reduced premiums, making the returns attractive.

This limited period premium payment option helps expatriate customers to complete their premium payment well in advance so that they can enjoy the basic benefits of the plan without paying the premium for the remaining term.

Sum Assured

In the event of untimely death during the policy term, the full sum assured plus accrued terminal bonuses will be paid to the beneficiaries providing protection to the family. This is a worldwide cover with benefits payable in any country (Standard exclusion apply). The benefits are subject to payment of full premiums.

Maturity Benefits

Three payments at specific intervals will be paid throughout the plan term based on the Sum Assured amount on survival of the policyholder.

Annual Bonus*

Each year, Alliance Insurance declares a terminal bonus which accumulates in the policy and is paid when the policy matures or when the death claim of the policyholder is paid. The bonus depends on the performance of the business at Company’s discretion.

Policy Loans**

If the policyholder needs money at short notice, it is possible to obtain a loan against the cash value of the policy.

Policy Surrender

The Plan acquires a cash value after a certain period based on the premium payment term. The policyholder can surrender the policy in case necessary based on a pre-defined cash value chart provided at the time of policy inception.

Grace Period

Grace Period of 30 days is allowed after the premium falls due for payment. All benefits are intact during this period.

Automatic Premium Loan

In case of financial difficulty in paying the premiums, the Automatic Premium Loan option will enable the policyholder to pay the premium from the cash value of the plan. The APL shall continue subject to the availability of Cash Value

Paid up Option & Extended Term Cover (ETA)***

Upon acquiring a cash value, if the policyholder is unable to continue with the premium payment they can choose convert the policy into Paid-Up status. The Sum Assured (for death and maturity) in this case will be reduced to the value of Paid-up Amount.

The policy holder also has the option to choose the Extended Term Cover option which enables the Death Benefit to continue at 100%, while the pure Endowment (ETA) value, if any, shall be paid on maturity. The term of coverage and pure endowment are dependent upon available cash value at the time of conversion.

Policy Revival Period in case of Policy Lapse

The lapsed policy can be revived within 2 years of the last premium paid by paying the premiums due along with the penalty subject to “Declaration of Good Health”.

Foot Notes:

*The bonus cannot be used to offset future premiums, neither can it be encashed prior to maturity

** The loan interest rate shall be set at Company’s discretion.

*** Bonus is not payable upon Paid-up or ETA.