Optima Gold – Adding Value To Your Life

OPTIMA GOLD is a unique plan from ALLIANCE INSURANCE offering a combination of security, savings and investments. You can customize your life insurance needs while adding critical illness and add other rider benefits to protect your loved ones from unforeseen eventualities in your life. With flexible payment option, this plan also enables you to save for your child’s education, your peaceful retirement or for creating any investment fund for your future needs.




✓For Education Success in tomorrow’s world will depend upon a good education. In view of the above, it is logical to assume that the best gift of life, parents can give to their children, is the gift of education. OPTIMA GOLD is an ideal plan for accumulating capital to meet the cost of higher education.
✓For Retirement The biggest asset we have is our ability to earn a living. Post retirement it won’t matter how much we earned during our working life what actually matters is how much we saved. Retirement planning strategy should be implemented as soon as possible, so that regular contributions have a reasonable time to accumulate over a period.
✓For Protection Securing the future is the prime focus of Optima Gold. As soon as the OPTIMA GOLD is in force, you will enjoy a guaranteed level of Life Assurance Protection best suited to your needs and requirements. This feature of the OPTIMA GOLD guarantees peace of mind for you and your loved ones. In the event of untimely death, your dependents/nominees will receive the Sum Assured or the value of the investment account, whichever is greater. However, if the additional basis option is chosen, then the Sum Assured plus the investment account value will be payable to the dependents.

The OPTIMA GOLD is equipped with additional features to add value for you. The plan comes with a unique feature of the option to convert your Maturity benefit into an annuity*. The covers end upon attaining the age of 75 years after which the Maturity value can be availed in the form of a regular annuity* payment. Alliance will only charge you for the Fund management of your money while you can avail the annuity* benefit till the age of 95 years. The annuity* will be paid from your Maturity value for a period of either 5, 10, 15 or 20 years while fund will continue to earn interest! This essentially converts our Unitized Investment Linked plan into a Whole life plan with insurance cover till age 75 and cash value withdrawal option till age 95!

As an Investor, you may choose to pay a lump-sum amount which can then be used to fund your regular premiums in the future. Alternatively, by increasing your regular premium, you can reduce the contribution period of your plan. If exercised, this option can help you achieve your investment objectives over a shorter period.

This option enables you to automatically update your benefits every year regardless of your state of health. This gives you the peace of mind, in that you are able to guard against inflation and maintain the real value of your investment.

If this option is selected, regular contributions will increase on each plan anniversary by 3%, 5% or 10% of the original level of contribution. You may subsequently decide to waive your right to this “guaranteed insurability” by simply writing to us.

The robust investment portfolio management ensures investment in a variety of assets to provide our plan holders with real growth and security which is evident from our investment yield over the past few years. We have identified, commercial properties in the United Arab Emirates, fixed deposits and stable and high rated long term bonds as a cautious and sound mix of investments.

 For Investment   Getting the best return on your savings is not always easy, as it requires a significant caliber of investment expertise. At Alliance, we understand this challenges. By investing in dynamic yet cautiously balanced Alliance Managed Fund, our clients can expect to get consistent returns over a medium to long term period. The accumulated savings can be used for a variety of purposes such as children’s education, their wedding or to give them a start in life.

Depending on your needs and circumstances, you can choose to invest any amount subject to a minimum Annual Premium of $1,500 on a regular basis. Your contributions after deduction of allocation charge and mortality charge will then be used to buy units in the Alliance Managed Fund.

  • As we are not offering a separate Premium payment term option.
  • You can make the payment annually, half-yearly or quarterly and monthly depending on your cash flow position.
  • Upon maturity you can take your accumulated investment as a lump-sum, regular income or a combination of the two which can be paid anywhere in the world.
  • You can continue with the plan even if you change jobs or move to a different country (subject to standard exclusions).
  • Guaranteed Bonus of 2.5% of the initial contribution is made every year after 5th policy year which increase to 3.5% from 20th policy year.
  • Worldwide coverage with benefits payable in any country (standard exclusions apply).
  • Free terminal Illness cover; if life expectancy is less than 6 months, then 50% of Life Cover is paid in advance.
  • Unit Allocation: 95% in the initial 3 years, 100% from 4th year onwards.
  • Ability to convert the Maturity value into an annuity*.
  • Option to take multiple policies.
  • Management Charge: 2% per annum of the Cash Value to be deducted monthly.
  • Bid Offer Spread: 3%
  • Administration Charge: NIL
  • Recoupment Charge: NIL
  • Mortality Charge: Applicable on the Total Sum at Risk. The charges vary with age of Insured and selection of Death Benefit Option.
  • Choice of payment frequencies: Quarterly, Half Yearly, Annual.
  • Policy currency available: AED & USD only.
  • Payment modes: Credit card, or Cheque.
  • Hassle free Medical underwriting.
  • Reinstatement is possible within 24 months without any penalty subject to positive cash value exists.
  • Early withdrawals allowed after the 2nd policy year subject to standard surrender charges applicable.

OPTIMA GOLD gives you the facility to get immediate access to your accumulated Investment Account. You can en-cash the Plan in full or simply choose to make a partial encashment for its cash value at any time whilst continuing to make contributions & keeping the Plan in force.

  • Accidental Death benefit
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit
  • Triple Accident benefit
  • Family Income benefit
  • Passive War Risk
  • Permanent and Total Disability
  • Critical Illness 40
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Minimum age at entry: 18 years next birthday
  • Maximum age at entry: 65 years next birthday
  • Minimum Premium Contribution: $1,500 (Annually)
  • Minimum Term of Plan: 5 years
  • Maximum Term of Plan: Attaining age 75 exact

Sum assured is determined as the cover multiple times the annual regular premium. The cover multiples vary with the age at entry and are given in the table below:

Age at entry Minimum Maximum
Up to 30 years 5 60
31 to 40 5 54
41 to 45 5 48
46 to 50 5 42
51 to 55 5 36
56 to 60 5 30
61 to 65 5 24

Option 1: Higher of sum assured or cash value at the time of death less any partial withdrawals.

Option 2: Sum assured plus cash value less any partial withdrawals.

Surrender Benefit: As per the surrender table which varies with plan term and policy year.

Disclaimer* “The Annuity payments are non-guaranteed and are subject to investment returns and market risk”

Terms and Conditions Apply