Child Education Insurance

Quantom Four Plan – The Education Plan for your CHILD

QFPWe all want to raise our children lovingly and then when they grow up to give them a head start in life by providing for them a first class higher education. Some learned people call this making your children balanced champions. Certainly, a good education is never wasted and increasingly plays a great role in how your children develop and contribute to the society.

While you may agree with the above sentiments unreservedly, it has to be said that it is possible that you may not realize how much money a first class higher education will actually cost. In today’s terms putting your child through a good university course will cost US$ 25,000.

Now can you afford to simply write a cheque for this amount or do you feel that you need to save up for it or will you need to borrow the money from a bank?

Who is to know that when your child needs to go to university, you will be able to borrow money or be even healthy enough to be working?

It is to help you cope with situations with regards to your child’s education that we have developed our Quantum Four Plan,

Given below is on example of how you can benefit from the Plan to give the child you love so dearly the education they need to get ahead in life.

Example Objective: Child Education

Sum Assured: US$ 20,000
Premium: US$ 1,904 p.a.
Insured Age: 30 years
Term: 12 years

S.No. After Years Amount (US$) Accumulated Value** (US$)
1. 3 3000 4,269.94
2. 6 3000 3,795.96
3. 9 4000 4,499.46
4. 12 10000 10,000.00
Bonus @30 per Mille 7,200.00

Gross Value US$ 29,765.36
* Subject to electing appropriate additional benefit(s). ** @ 4 % p.a. \