Personal Accident

Being able to earn an income is one of your most important assets. Being healthy enough to work is the key to achieving your dreams and financial objectives. An injury that puts you or your family members out of work could result in loss of earnings and an uncertain future.

At Alliance, your peace of mind is our business. Secura personal accident insurance is a unique policy that protects you and your income from the financial impact of an accident or fatality. Get Secura protection today and safeguard your income and your future.

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If a serious accident leaves you with a permanent disability, such as loss of a limb, sight, hearing or speech, the Secura plan gives you cash payments to support you and your family.

The cash payout schedule shall be as follows :

Contingencies % of compensation

  • Loss of both eyes (100%)
  • Loss of both arms (100%)
  • Loss of both hands (100%)
  • Loss of both legs (100%)
  • Loss of one eye and one arm (100%)
  • Loss of one eye and one leg (100%)
  • Loss of one arm and one leg (100%)
  • Loss of speech (100%)
  • Loss of hearing in both ears (50%)
  • Loss of arm, above the elbow (50%)
  • Loss of leg, above the knee (50%)
  • Loss of one eye (50%)
  • Loss of arm, below the elbow (45%)
  • Loss of leg, below the knee (35%)
  • Loss of thumb (17.5%)
  • Loss of index finger (12.50%)
  • Loss of hearing in one ear (10%)
  • Loss of any other finger (5%)
  • Loss of great toe (5%)
  • Loss of any other toe (3%)

If a serious accident leaves you with a total disability it could put a stop to your earning potential and place a serious financial burden upon your family. Protect your earning ability with a Secura plan, which guarantees a lump sum payment after 12 consecutive months of permanent and total disability equal to 100% of the sum assured.

Not all accidents are fatal or leave us permanently disabled, but even a minor accident can result in you being temporarily unable to work. Just a few months without income can put a major financial strain on you and your family, more so for longer periods.

With Secura Plan 2 Accident Disability Income, you will receive weekly payments to replace lost income due to an accident, starting from the first day of disability to a maximum of one full year (52 weeks). You benefit from 100% of the weekly income level selected, up to the stated maximum. This optional benefit is available only with the Secura Plan 2 and cannot exceed your monthly earnings.

Secura Plan 3 Medical Expense Reimbursement provides you and your family with total protection against the costs of reasonable, customary and necessary medical treatment in or out of hospital. The high cash limit provided by this optional benefit ensures that you and your family members receive the best possible treatment for injuries arising from an accident.

Treatments covered include:

  • Physician office visits
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hospital room rent
  • Nursing and surgical charges

This optional benefit is only available with a Secura Plan 3 and covers up to 10% of the principal sum, subject to maximum limits.

In the event of an accident, Secura Plan 4 allows you to receive cash payments if you or members of your family are hospitalized. Alliance will pay you a pre-selected daily cash benefit from the first day of hospitalization up to one year (52 weeks). A unique feature of this plan allows you to receive cash payments even if you hold additional policies from other insurers offering similar benefits.


Guaranteed income plan would take care of your family’s financial well being. Your loved ones will receive a guaranteed monthly cash income year, after year for the next twenty years should you lose your life in an accident.

The beneficiary will receive the payment equivalent to the amount you have specified – but not exceeding your monthly salary.

The Secura 5 Protection Plan gives you and your family the following benefits : –

  • If accidental loss of life occurs, your beneficiary receives a guaranteed income for a 20-year period.
  • In the event of accidental injury resulting in dismemberment, loss of sight, speech or hearing, the insured receives a guaranteed income for a 20-year period.
  • In case of permanent total disability, the insured receives a guaranteed income for a 20- year period.
  • If the beneficiary dies before receiving the guaranteed income for the full 20-year term, any remaining income will be paid to your beneficiary’s estate.

Level Term Life Rider

The Level Term Life Rider is one of the first of its kind. Unlike most personal accident policies that only provide cover for accident death and disability, this optional benefit pays the full selected sum assured in case of death due to natural or accidental causes.

The benefit amount will not exceed 25% of the Secura principal sum assured, subject to the maximum limit of US $ 25,000.

By including this benefit in your personal accident portfolio, you will give your loved ones the benefit of comprehensive financial security.


This benefit reimburses your family for expenses incurred in returning the deceased’s body to its home country. Repatriation benefit applies only where death occurs through accidental causes; payment cannot exceed the maximum amount, as per the policy.