Life Assurance


Life Assurance is a cornerstone of sound financial planning and provides security for you and your family in the event of death. Life Assurance offers the following solutions:

  • Replace income for dependents
  • Create a source of savings – forced savings
  • Create an inheritance for your heirs

Individual Life Products

Individual Life products fall into the following three broad categories:

a)Term Plans: Alliance Term life Assurance plan protects families in case of eventualities. These plans provide protection for specific term at a very affordable cost. The Optional Riders can be added to enhance the cover for additional risk.

b)Endowment Plans: Endowment plans are designed to pay lump sum amount on maturity or on demise of the life insured. It provides risk free Savings in combination with life Assurance Protection. The Annual Bonuses declared by the company gives you the additional growth to you regular savings without market risks.

c)Money Back Plans: Alliance Quantum Four and Anticipated Endowment Assurance plans offer cash maturities at pre-determined intervals, coupled with comprehensive life Assurance coverage throughout the policy term. The accumulated yearly bonuses become payable at the final maturity, providing additional growth without exposure to stock market risks.

  • Security

    Alliance Insurance is subject to Federal Law No. (9) of 1984. The UAE Government closely regulates insurance companies to ensure they are financially sound and operate to the highest professional standards.

  • Service Oriented

    With AM best Financial strength rating of ‘A-’ (excellent) for the past 15 years and strong ties with the leading ‘A’ rated international reinsurers makes make, our services set the standard for excellence. Our unmatched proficiency shines through particularly when handling claims and maturities payout.

  • Optimal Cost

    Alliance Life and Investment plan aligns with financial objectives, ensuring a harmonious balance between protection and savings, ultimately providing attractive returns at a reasonable cost.

Life Assurance


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